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Bachelorette Party Games That You Can Use

Bachelorette party games add more flavor and fun. You will find so many crazy bachelorette party games and you can be sure that you will not be disappointed. The internet will give you variety of games and if you thought they were scarce, you will be surprised by the variety of games now in practice in most of the parties held for a bride to be. Firstly, a bachelorette party is where there is celebration of the end of singlehood. It is a common signature in many of our cultures and it is supposed to usher bride into a new reality of commitment and marriage. Therefore, so much importance is placed on the party and they are most common in the western world.The following are examples of bachelorette party games. Mardi Gras madness, rate the men, napkin trivia game, pin the penis on the man, suck for a buck, bachelorette party mad lib, I know what it is, pecker toss, card games, drinking games, walking penis racers, funniest story, create a story, the cherry game, advice for the bride, the guy game, bachelorette drink or dare game, identify the hunk and the so many others. Many people continue to come up with viable game ideas for games and there is a world of possibilities for party games at the bachelorette party. To understand the above games well, you must know the in depth details of how to play some of them. Some games are wild after all, this is a very wild night.The first game in the list of bachelorette party games is the Mardi Gras madness game. In this game, girls get to wear colored Mardi Gras beads where the men strip to have the beads. This game will surely keep the party going as the people enjoy themselves. The other very interesting game is where the girls get to rate the men using bachelorette party rating cards where there will be conclusions like ‘not my type’, ‘needs to grow’ and many other comments. The ladies love this game because they can get away with a lot of comments during the party. The napkin trivia game is sure to create a different mood in the party and reveal not so common truths about the women and the men in their lives. The napkins have questions on then which include what the intimacy preferences for their men are.A favorite of the bachelorette party games is the drink or dare game. Where the girls get to choose to drink or a dare. Dares are very tough because they might contain virtually any request like flash of a bra and others. This game manages to put many on the spot making it one of the most common game at a party for the bride to be. When you are attending this kind of party, be ready to get yourself go to enjoy fun and adventure. This does not mean that you neglect safety. Arrange for how you are finally going to get home because you want to come out of the party in one

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Are Commercial Mortgage Brokers Alive Or Dead In This Market?

Commercial Lenders do have money to lend and still need to buy loans. However in this post Sub Prime era, Lenders have a “back to reality” mentality.Direct Commercial Lenders still want good loans and will gladly fund loans that meet historic standards! Most of the “investors” that market to commercial brokers are not real lenders. They are correspondent lenders, who then wholesale their loans to the big bank lenders. The credit crunch has both constricted their lines of credit and their ability to sell into the secondary market. That is why Interbay, Silver Hill and others have cut back operations, downsized and given the commercial broker industry the perception that no one is presently lending.Actual demand for commercial loans is substantially up over 2007 and not being met with fundings. Therefore direct commercial lenders are having to become more reliant on both commercial and residential brokers who can weed out good commercial loans from bad. As a result, 2008 can certainly be a banner year for experienced professional commercial brokers or those who are willing and able to learn the intricacies of matching good loan requests with direct lenders who want that particular niche deal.Below are some quick tips to help YOU fund more commercial loans:· Partner with the right sources for your commercial loans· Don’t be greedy with your commissions. Earning a point on any commercial loan over $1M is normally sufficient. Two points on deals under $1M won’t raise lender flags.· Pretend that it is your money that you are lending. If you wouldn’t do the deal, don’t waste your lender’s time and your perceived level of expertise.Finally, focus on the right property niches, products and underwriting standards that will fund in this present market.Acquisition and Development deals are dead in this market. Fear has run lenders out of the business at this moment.Stated Income (No Doc) deals are rarely being funded now. The property will have to have a very strong cash flow, meaning a 1.25 or better DSCR. Expect purchase LTV’s at 70% or lower, 65% for rate & term refinances and 50% for cash out, and generally only if the cash is going back into the property.Investor deal are funding at 75% to 80% LTV, if the property strongly cash flows, the owner has at least 3+ years experience in the requested niche and amble liquidity.Be careful with hard money deals. Hard money lenders tend to live off due diligence fees in tough times to shelter their money until the economic smoke clears.Owner Occupied deals are being funded at between 80% and 90% LTV and rates are historically good. Professionals purchasing new office space can find 100% financing, including build out, so this market is hot right now!Knowing the market parameters will help you find fundable deals right now, — if the deals make economic sense and demonstrate strong cash flow. Screen out weak deals quickly so you can focus on the good ones.Debt Service Coverage is KING in this market!During the past 5 years of “Easy” money, even commercial lenders let DSCR’s slip so they could compete with other lenders and get their money on the street. The result was lower Cap Rates that inflated prices of commercial properties. The shock of the sub prime mess gave all lenders “religion” again and debt service ratios are back to historic norm’s of 1.2 to 1.3 which means properties appraised last year, say at $1M, will probably not cash flow enough to fund today at that price, under the “born again” DSCR rules.Forget past appraisal values! They mean nothing in this market. In today’s market, a new appraisal will depend solely on debt coverage to arrive at value. Comparables and Replacement Cost analysis is just fluff and will be discounted to support the value arrived at through acceptable debt service coverage analysis.As a Broker, it is your job is to educate your clientele of the realities of the present commercial financing market.If a deal won’t cash flow to a DSCR of 1.20 to 1.25, the assumed value of the property is too high for the normal buyer who wants 75% or higher financing. Remember, the higher the LTV of the loan, the tougher it will be to meet the necessary DSCR.No one can predict the future, but it appears that the paralyzing fear that has gripped the commercial market is waning. Spreads are slowly coming down. More securitized deals are being sold. All this bodes well for the brokers who understand the present market and choose their lender niches well.In good times and troubled times, businesses and investors always need new sources for capital. Supply and Demand always dictates that there are good deals that need funding today and there are lenders who are ready, willing and able to provide the funds.The key to success in this new era of commercial brokering is recognizing the realities of the present market, finding good loan requests that make economic sense and presenting them professionally to direct lenders that specialize in your loan’s niche.